Our Story

Who We Are 

At B.Y.O Active we believe in the importance of leading an active and balanced lifestyle. 

The secret to leading a balanced lifestyle? To realise that it's not just about the end result, it's about the journey. That’s why we’ve created a range of high performance activewear to accompany you on your journey.

Our activewear is multi-functional to support you in the activities of your choice. Hence our name – ‘Be Your Own Active’. Whether it’s a high intensity sport - HIIT, boxing, netball. Lower intensity yoga, weight training or hiking. Or simply choosing to wear your new gear out to brunch.

Made with high quality fabrics designed to deliver the perfect balance between functionality and fashion. To support you in all the right places. Making you look and feel good in stylish, timeless activewear.


Our Brand Philosophy 


We believe in celebrating the beauty in imperfection because it’s what pushes us to improve. This is the philosophy we inject into everything we do. From our designs, right through to our customer care. That’s why the 'O' in our logo has been designed to encompass an Enso symbol.

To some the Enso symbolises enlightenment, strength and elegance. When the circle is complete it represents total enlightenment and perfection.

For us, the significance of the circle being open means the allowance of movement and development. It recognises the beauty in imperfection and the need for balance.


Our Founder 

Our Director, Designer and Founder - Becky Yeung

British Chinese, born in California, raised in London, and currently living in Hong Kong. Alongside a full time job in the music industry, she started B.Y.O Active because she had a burning desire to create something of her own and build a brand founded on her passion for fitness and obsession with activewear.

Surprised by the limited choices of high performance activewear in Hong Kong that truly offer functionality and style at an affordable price, she set out to design her own.

“Something that has always resonated with me is when people say ‘Fitness is not just a hobby it’s a lifestyle’. This is so true. Sports has played such an integral part of my life. Be it family life, social life or personal life, that it felt fitting to find a way to play a bigger part in my life.

Growing up I always loved playing team sports and got stuck into multiple activities. I’ve never been a great spectator because I enjoy the competition, and being surrounded by like-minded people too much to sit back and just watch. Activities include friendly (but slightly competitive) tennis games with the family, netball and lacrosse, where I have made some of my closest friends, right through to settling into a new life in Hong Kong and being welcomed into a fitness community.

As well as growing up with sports, I’ve always been very creative. From a work point of view it led to marketing & advertising. From a personal point of view, when I was younger I used to cut out pieces of cloth to make dresses for my dolls. As I progressed into my teenage years I graduated to designing clothes for myself and hand sewing them. 

Now in my adult years, like-minded women like you have inspired me to finally create a range of activewear for the fitness community. Though I might leave the sewing to the experts this time.

I chose not to define what activity the sportswear is designed for, because that bit is up to you. It’s up to us to keep up with your active lifestyle and support you along the journey, whatever activities you enjoy. Hence the inspiration behind the name #BeYourOwnActive.

Besides if you’re anything like me, you can never have too much activewear.”